Bringing M. C. Escher’s art to light

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‘Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts’, a new private museum space in the heart ofAthens, opened its doors with an exhibition of works by the leading Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher (1898-1972), a defining presence in 20th century art. The museum’s collection consists of more than of 250 of his most important and rare works as well as woodcuts, mezzotints, lithographs, photographs of the artist, sculptures and many of his personal items. The great breadth of the exhibition allowed the visitor to discover the power of an artist whose work has been an inspiration for his peers around the world.

The museum is housed in a building dating back to 1898 (the same year that M.C. Escher was born), a striking example of neoclassical architecture and one of the few remaining in the historic center ofAthens. The main challenge faced by the lighting designer was the necessity to restrain lighting levels in order to protect the light-sensitive works of art while creating not only optimum viewing conditions but also effective display. As a result the process of lighting design became something of a balancing act to provide an effective compromise between these conflicting requirements. The balance attained with the design and specification of a flexible glass fiber optic lighting system that provided UV-free local lighting only where it was really needed. In addition all aspects of light within the display area were considered (general, accent and architectural lighting).


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